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Project update (The Sweepers)

The sweepers is an upcoming Action thriller, directed by Award winning Michael Matteo Rossi. This will be his 7th thriller. It is a movie about when a matriarch of a family of assassins falls ill, her three children and younger boyfriend fight among themselves to take over her empire. I was fortunate to be brought on this project as a co-producer. We are presently in pre production with principal photography slated to start October 18th.

You can watch Micheal Matteo's work on Amazon prime which includes Chase(2019), Mysoginist(2015), Loss of life(2013), Sable(2017), all available for rent.

Preproduction is going pretty well as all the principal talents have been locked. Looking forward to give you more updates as much as I am available to. The movie is scheduled for a September 10, 2022 release date.

Here is the link to the IMDB page

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Celine Onwuchekwa TV
Celine Onwuchekwa TV
May 22, 2021

Something to keep us on edge... I like...

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