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My theatrical post pandemic experience

Now that theaters have now opened all around the country although in some places like Los Angeles, not at a maximum capacity, it is a great step in the right direction. As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I have now renewed my AMC membership which I think has always been a pretty good deal, $20 to watch 3 movies a week including IMAX and Dolby. Already I have practically seen most movies now showing in AMC. This just shows how starved and desperate I have been for the big screen. To be honest there isn't really a lot of new content out there on the big screen so I am still hoping for the more in this category. I usually love to go to the theater 2 times a week, so you should understand how excited I was when theaters opened. I am still hoping for the best and looking forward to more releases, like the Hitman's wife bodyguard which will have its opening week end next week, hooray!. Also excited about black widow, jungle cruise and many others.

I never knew I would miss AMC so much, when I heard the news that AMC could file for bankruptcy it almost broke my heart. Not that I am such a big fan of AMC considering their insanely crazy concession prices for popcorn and movie snacks, but I do regularly enjoy the benefits of being an AMC plus member.

So in conclusion I am looking forward to more exciting releases and more cinematic experience!

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