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What happened to Movie Pass

Do you remember Movie pass? It was a movie membership for $10 that allowed movie goers to watch a movie a day for such a really cheap price. It was heaven for men, I smiled every part of this subscription. It was simply too good to be true in my opinion. It was therefore no surprise to me when the subscription based service came crashing and eventually folded up. To be honest, I wonder what they were thinking. How did they think they could stay afloat by charging only $10 for a month when the average movie ticket in my area is $17. I guess poor planning, lack of research cost the company. I was pretty sad when it happened because there is no other place you can get a better deal than that, It was simply a give away. Although AMC membership is similar and probably a better cinema subscription based model, I will never forget all the good times I had with movie pass.

You will never be forgotten!

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