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Project Update (The Decision)- Now known as Game Of Fear

I promised to give regular updates about my upcoming personal projects titled "The Decision"

The second draft was just recently completed and the film now has now been changed to "Game of fear"

Here is the new logline,

A haunted, agoraphobic teen, must confront his fear of the outside world, in order to reveal the truth behind the mysterious death of a family member.

Summary of film

Tom, a teenager suffering from Agoraphobia, who is afraid of being in public spaces, enclosed spaces and even just leaving his home, loses his brother to what has been termed as suicide. Through his therapy he tries to defeat his Agoraphobia, by facing his fears, but his over controlling Mom who has taken care of him all his life, is willing to do anything to make sure he is never able to overcome his fears.

Principal photography will officially begin in January of 2022, which I am extremely excited about.

Here is the Instagram link to stay updated with our progress.

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