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Upcoming Projects

Hello reader, Samuel here again. I am going to be living articles and update on my current and upcoming projects that I am involved in, either as a producer or a director. Projects that I think you would be interested in knowing more about. So please follow me on my journey as we navigate through the interesting but equally demanding film/TV industry.

THE DECISION (Thriller feature) - In development phase

This is a project based on a short film. My co writer and I just finished the first draft and presently working on the second draft and rewrites. It has been a challenging but beautiful experience. I've enjoyed the long writing process.

Tom Brime our protagonist, a mommy's boy and an introvert scared of the outside world, is now ready to get out of his shell and explore the world without his mom as a result of some chain of events. Only one problem, his Mom doesn't think her only son, still alive, is ready to face the world without her. How far is she willing to go to stop him from getting out of his shell.


We've had out fair of challenges in the script development phase. A friend of mine after pitching the story to me asked me to go watch "SHARP OBJECTS", the HBO show and "RUN". I realized that there were similarities but The Decision has a different theme and definitely passing across a different message. The truth is, after watching those similar Movie/show, I became a little worried. What are the odds that my brilliant idea, my baby, that I had put in work for months and months, wasn't as original as I thought?

We started making changes to eliminate some similarities and also to make sure that our theme stands out.

If you're a fan of suspense high stake thriller, this is the movie for you. It is fast paced, straight to the point, with well developed and fleshed characters. I can't wait till tell you more about it as we make progress!

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